Spinning into God

I love my spinning class.  Yesterday I was looking down at the rotating front silver wheel of the LiveStrong stationary bike I was riding, and I realized why I felt so close to God.  While I am riding, I don’t have to think.  My mind thoughts begin to dissolve, and all the outworldly parts of me are stripped away.  What is left is my soul ready to talk to and listen to God.  I am left with no thoughts.  My mind is clear.  There are no worries.  There is no “to do” list.  It’s just me and the silver tire rolling.

It’s in the quiet that I meet and find God.  He is powerful and joyful and gentle.  I am surrounded by love and grace.  There is nothing better than sitting at the feet of my Lord.  It is in this moment I understand that I am a child of God.  He loves me unconditionally.  He wants to bless me.  He wants me to attain what He has planned for me.  And in that small quiet moment, I am ready to do all He has for me to do.

Then I am pulled back into my class, moving onto the next phase, holding onto the remenants of the still, quiet space of God.  I hold onto it as I move through my day.  I remind myself that God is in all that I do and don’t do.  It is time that I step out and complete the tasks God has for me to accomplish.  Thank you Lord Jesus for saving me and providing me grace.  May I share that grace with others.

One thought on “Spinning into God

  1. That’s why I love to go for walks first thing in the morning. It’s usually the only quiet time that I have during the day.

    May God direct the steps of your journey.

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