I wait
Centered in the cacophonous rush   
Listening intently
For quiet sounds to emerge
Rising above to ensnare me
Releasing me into multicolored prisms

Joy intertwines itself with life
I swirl in multidimensional shafts of light
Delivering me from the inharmonies of life
Here I want to reside

Worldy stings pull at me
Bringing me back to earth

I am left between the joy of living and the overwhelming tsunamis of life

But I am not alone.

Never have been.

Never will be.

7 thoughts on “Centered

  1. The funny thing about that picture is that I really loved the hustle of NYC. I loved going and not feeling like the only person that was going the same way. yes, there are a lot of people there, but you’re not alone. Wherever you go there’s someone there too. You can strike up a converstation with the most random person. I had one man yell down a custodian to let me through since I was going uptown rather than downtown and got me in the right directions. I met another man that we had about a 15 minute conversation about just life. He was a construction worker from Brooklyn. How fun to be able to never be alone, yet sometimes, YES, I want to be alone and in that serenity that is in nature and no where else!!!! I’m so glad to visit place like NYC but live in a place like Iowa. I was on a train that did look just like that picture btw.

  2. I love the part about waiting for quiet sounds to emerge. It reminds me of the Simon and Garfunkle “Sounds of Silence” song.

    • Thank you Kristin. I hadn’t thought about that connection and yet I listen to Simon and Garfunkle. Have a great day and I hope you come back and continue to read my blog.

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